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EVENT: Neuronal Control of Metabolism

21 Jan 2020

Feb 2020: External event, BSN/JNE sponsored

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EVENT: Turkish Neuroendocrine Society

21 Dec 2019

April 2020: Intl Congress of Turkish Neuroendocrine Society, Istanbul, Turkey

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Video: Symposium intro

19 Nov 2019

Dr Dumbell introduces the early career researcher symposium

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Help spread the word about BSN

19 Nov 2019

Download and print our poster for your lab

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Video comp: Overweight, stressed, late and in love

22 Oct 2019

Competition to win £300 for Bordeaux meeting

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EVENT: Steroids and nervous system

22 Oct 2019

February 2021: External event, sponsored through the BSN Symposium Support grant.

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Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Gareth Leng

1 Oct 2019

Gareth, a BSN founder, on inspiration, books and why connections trump impact factors.

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Abstract deadline extended for ECR symposium

5 Sep 2019

Submit your abstract by 16 September 2019 for a chance to get useful feedback on your work.

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Introducing our new Deputy ECR Representative

28 Aug 2019

Dr Ashleigh Wilcox is the BSN's new early career researcher representative

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8 Tips for presenting your research at conferences

27 Aug 2019

Science communicator extraordinaire and BSN President, Giles Yeo shares his experience.

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#JNE30 Special Issue Contents Summary

2 Jul 2019

Interactive summary of the JNE free online 30th Anniversary Special Issue - have a browse!

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Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Fran Ebling

25 Jun 2019

Fran Ebling on biological rhythmicity, his favourite book and advice for aspiring scientists.

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VIDEO: Why our members love the BSN

18 Jun 2019

Can you describe what you love about the BSN in 3 words?

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EVENT: Neuroendo Celebrate!

30 May 2019

9 Dec 2019: Join us in Glasgow for an ECR day symposium and JNE 30th anniversary dinner

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7 ways to make the most of BSN membership as an ECR

22 May 2019

Meetings, grants, journal access - this list is a good place to start if you recently joined BSN.

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Are you an ECR? Boost your career and join our Trustees

21 May 2019

Looking for an Early Career Researcher (ECR) to join the BSN Board of Trustees - apply today

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Hunger Games - Professor Lora Heisler, BNA2019

16 May 2019

Live recording of Lora's Plenary Lecture on new insights into the brain control of hunger

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Back to Your Future - Jane Robinson Lecture, BNA2019

14 May 2019

Live recording of Jane's lecture on programming of the reproductive neuroendocrine axis

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BSN 2018 Grants Summary Infographic

30 Apr 2019

A summary of all BSN grants applied for and awarded in 2018.

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Brainwaves: Interview with Dr Jane Robinson

16 Apr 2019

Jane Robinson on how her work has evolved and inspiring others into neuroendocrinology.

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Brainwaves: Interview with Associate Professor Helen Christian

7 Feb 2019

Helen Christian on what she loves about her work, who inspires her and why the BSN is great!

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NEWS: Host a student in your lab

29 Jan 2019

Five undergraduate students are looking for neuroendo lab experience - can you help?

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NEWS: BSN Member survey results

13 Dec 2018

Summary infographic of 2018 member survey results.

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BSN Newsletter

13 Dec 2018

Sign up to NeuroendoNews – our quarterly newsletter updating you on the Society’s activities

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NEWS: Focus on China - a collection of papers

6 Dec 2018

The Journal of Neuroendocrinology has published a new free access Special Issue.

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NEWS: BSN President wins 2019 JBS Haldane Lecture

4 Dec 2018

Giles Yeo is the winner of The Genetics Society's  JBS Haldane Lecture.  

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NEWS: Chrononutrition meeting ESR prize winner

22 Nov 2018

Ashleigh Wilcox won the Early Stage Researcher presentation prize

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The Heart of the Brain

13 Aug 2018

One of our founding members, Gareth Leng has just published a book entitled "The Heart of the Brain: The Hypothalamus and Its Hormones".

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Neuroendocrinologists recognised in honours list

26 Jun 2018

Congratulations to Prof. Julia Buckingham and Prof. Iain Clarke for their inclusion in the Queen's birthday honours list.

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Member survey

13 Jun 2018

Thanks to all members who completed the survey that was sent around recently, we had a great response and some really constructive feedback to work on. 

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New Outreach grant

4 Apr 2018

The BSN is now offering a Public Engagement and Outreach grant to eligible members, a fantastic way to broaden knowledge of neuroendocrinology! Go to the Grants and Funding page for more information.

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Chronobiology special issue

4 Apr 2018

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B entitled "Wild clocks: Integrating Chronobiology and Ecology to Understand Timekeeping in Free-Living Animals"

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Is love possible without Kiss1-es?

1 Feb 2015

The hypothalamic kisspeptins and their receptors are potent regulators of the gonadotropic axis through the control of GnRH neuronal activity. But there is another population of kisspeptin neurons in the amygdala, a brain area that integrates odour, visual and auditory information, and which has a key role in social behaviours.