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BSN 2019 Grants Summary Infographic

BSN 2019 Grants Summary Infographic

In 2019 BSN  received 173 grant applications and awarded 122 grants - a 70% success rate! This infographic summarises all grants applied for and awarded in 2019. BSN has a number of grants available to members of six months' standing. Go to the BSN Grants page to find out how to apply to our 2020 grant schemes.

Infographic using people icons and pie charts to show how many applications were received and how many grants given for each of the BSN grants along with the success rate


Table of infographic data

Grant N Applied N Awarded % Success rate
Annual Meeting Travel Grant 2019 in Dublin (BNA2019/BSN Annual Meeting) 48 48 100%
Early Career Researcher Travel Grant 18 18 100%
Undergraduate Student Laboratory Experience Grant 11 9 81%
Symposium Support Grant 4 3 75%
International Conference Travel Grant 33 24 72%
Research Visit Grant 14 6 43%
Outreach and Public Engagement Grant  3 1 33%
Project Support Grant 40 13 32%
Academic Support Fund 2 0 Applications not
appropriate for scheme


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