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as of July 2021

Picture of Dr Kate Ellacott

Dr Kate Ellacott


General Secretary

Picture of Dr David Lyons

Dr David Lyons


Early Career Researcher Representative

Picture of Dr Michelle Bellingham

Dr Michelle Bellingham



Picture of Prof Neil Evans

Prof Neil Evans



Picture of Dr Rebecca Dumbell

Dr Rebecca Dumbell


Communications Secretary

Picture of Dr Paula Brunton

Dr Paula Brunton


Deputy Treasurer & Neuroendocrine Briefings Co-ordinator

Picture of Dr Gisela Helfer

Dr Gisela Helfer


Grants Committee chair/Grants Secretary

Picture of Prof Helen Christian

Prof Helen Christian


Journals Secretary

Picture of Dr Matei Bolborea

Dr Matei Bolborea

Warwick, UK

Picture of Dr Jo Lewis

Dr Jo Lewis


Investment Sub-committee & Grants Committee

Picture of Dr Maria Canal

Dr Maria Canal


Membership Secretary

Picture of Dr Chinedu Udeh-Momoh

Dr Chinedu Udeh-Momoh


Diversity and Inclusion Secretary

Picture of Dr Preeti Jethwa

Dr Preeti Jethwa


Meetings Secretary

Picture of Prof Allan Herbison

Prof Allan Herbison


Investment Sub-committee

Picture of Prof Karen Spencer

Prof Karen Spencer

St Andrews

Committee Member

Picture of Dr Beth Coull

Dr Beth Coull

Potsdam, Germany

Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative

BSN Committee

The Society is run by a Board of Trustees of UK neuroendocrinologists together with the Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s Journal, the Journal of Neuroendocrinology. This Board makes recommendations regarding strategy, funding vehicles, future meetings etc to the Annual General Meeting of the Society which is held at the annual scientific meeting. Sub-groups of board members administer the different funding schemes that are available, and the Society’s public engagement strategy.

Unfortunately the Society and its committee members are not in a position to offer personal advice or to comment on specific medical issues or suggest medical professionals who might be qualified to comment.

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