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Early Career Researcher Hub

Early Career Researcher Hub

Are you starting out in your neuroendocrinology career? Our early career researcher (ECR) hub gathers all our resources to help you with your career journey.

Chat with other ECRs on our dedicated Discord instant messenger platform

The ECR Hub is hosted on the instant messenger social platform, Discord. Discord is free to use, and can be accessed either by your preferred internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc) or can be installed on your computer/laptop. Some of you may have used Discord before, but for those of you who have not then this guide will serve as an introduction.

Watch again: 2020 and 2021 Summer webinars

During the summer of 2020 when lockdowns were being imposed to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, it was crucial for ECRs to be able to continue disseminating research as well as connecting with other neuroendocrine researchers. In response, the BSN set up a series of summer webinars by and for early career researchers, to allow ECRs to stay up to date with developments in neuroendocrinology and network with other researchers at a time when in-person conferences and meetings weren’t an option.  In 2021 the BSN ran another ECR webinar series with talks and hosts from Europe and Africa, the Americas and Asia and Australasia.

Mentorship scheme

We are delighted to have a team of mentors who are also BSN members willing share their expertise and experience in the field of neuroendocrinology with mentees. Mentors and mentees can discuss anything related to their work - from career progression to navigating tricky work environments.


Brainwaves interviews

Brainwaves is an interview series with eminent neuroendocinologists about their work, passions and tips for budding scientists.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Waljit Dhillo on why basic science is so important in finding new therapies, why in-person conferences are best for new ideas and forging interdisciplinary collaborations and why he feels like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to work!

Brainwaves: Interview with Dr Michelle Bellingham on excitement about unexpected results and new research ideas, the importance of learning new things and why kindness goes a long way.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Neil Evans on the impact of his research and taking the opportunities that present to you.

Brainwaves: Interview with Dr Giles Yeo on luck and following the biology, finding your niche and destigmatising body weight.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Dave Grattan on neuroendocrinology in Australasia, prolactin research, celebrating successes and why it’s an exciting time to be in neuroendocrinology.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Gareth Leng on his career from mathematics to neuroendocrinology, why there is always more research to be done and why connections are more important than impact factors.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Fran Ebling on  his research into seasonal rhythmicity, why The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles is his favourite book and his advice to aspiring neuroendocrinologists.

Brainwaves: Interview with Dr Jane Robinson on the people who inspired her research into the reproductive neuroendocrine axis, how the working environment has changed during her time as a scientist and about how she was once knocked out by a ram!

Brainwaves: Interview with Associate Professor Helen Christian on her work on the feedback control of the pituitary, surprising research findings and why she will never skimp on giving feedback to the next generation of neuroendocrinologists.

Lab notes interviews

Lab Notes is an interview series with recently established neuroendocrine researchers about how they started their labs and advice they would give to up-and-coming neuroendocrine researchers.

Lab Notes: Interview with Dr T. Lee Gilman

Lab Notes: Interview with Dr Claire Foldi


Watch video recorded lectures from BSN Annual Meetings for free:

  • "Is Obesity A Choice?" Wylie Vale Public Lecture by Professor Giles Yeo, 2022 10th International Congress of Neuroendocrinology

'New insights into the brain control of hunger' by Professor Lora Heisler, University of Aberdeen, 2019 British Society for Neuroendocrinology Plenary Lecture.

'Back to Your Future' by Dr Jane Robinson, University of Glasgow, 2019 Alison Douglas Memorial Lecture for the British Society for Neuroendocrinology. 

Watch the following video recorded lectures from 2022 10th International Congress of Neuroendocrinology on BSN's member-only website, mySociety: https://my.neuroendo.org.uk/article.php?articleid=52 (you need your username and password to log in).

  • "History of Neuroendocrinology" Plenary Lecture by Professor Gareth Leng
  • "What talks to brown adipose tissue?" Alison Douglas Memorial Lecture by Professor Barbara Cannon
  • "Game of Hormones: why sex and sex hormones matter for brain health" Mortyn Jones Memorial Lecture by Professor Liisa Galea


We have grants that are particularly relevant to early career researchers. Read more on how to apply for the following grants:

  • Early Career Researcher Travel Grant - up to £150 to attend the BSN Annual Meeting
  • Project Support Grant - up to £7000 for consumables/other research costs to enable postdoctoral scientists or students to carry out the best possible neuroendocrine research project
  • Academic Support Fund - up to £10,000 to support new academic staff within 10 years of obtaining their PhD, who have less than £100k in funding and/or estrablished academic staff with no current research funding
  • Undergraduate Student Laboratory Experience Grant - up to £2440 to provide financial support for a student who undertakes a vacation lab project

Watch these short videos from three Project Support Grant awardees on how the grants have supported their career and research.

Awards and prizes

BSN Student Presentation prize: Awarded at the BSN Annual Meeting to the best three student poster presentations, as judged by the BSN Board of Trustees.

Julia Buckingham Award: In honour of Julia Buckingham, this prize recognises the achievement and potential of an up-and-coming scientist within the BSN (up to 1 year following completion of PhD) at the BSN annual meetings.

Michael Harbuz Prize for Early Career Researchers: In honour the memory of Dr Michael Harbuz, this prize is for an outstanding member of the emerging generation of neuroendocrinologists and is awarded at the BSN Annual Meeting.

Journal of Neuroendocrinology Early Career Perspectives

Journal of Neuroendocrinology regularly publishes Early Career Perspectives written by early career researchers. Read more about how to submit an article to Journal of Neuroendocrinology.

Neuroendocrine Briefings

Our Neuroendocrine Briefings series is intended as a resource to be freely used for teaching and public communication of neuroendocrinology. We are always looking for new contributors. Get in touch if you would like to write a Neuroendocrine Briefing via theteam@neuroendo.org.uk.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear your suggestions on how we can further support our early career researchers - get in touch via theteam@neuroendo.org.uk.