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Michael Harbuz Prize for Early Career Researchers

Michael Harbuz Prize for Early Career Researchers

To honour the memory of Dr Michael Harbuz, the BSN provides a platform for an outstanding member of the emerging generation of neuroendocrinologists at its annual meetings.

The winner of the prize will deliver a 30-minute lecture, programmed within the annual BSN UK meeting and will receive a prize of £750. The winner will also be invited to write a Early Career Researcher Review for the Journal of Neuroendocrinology.

We strongly encourage eligible members to apply. To be eligible you will have completed your PhD not more than 10 working years prior to the annual meeting. The application process is to:

  1. submit an abstract to the BSN Annual Meeting and indicate in the tick box that you are eligible and wish to be considered for the Mick Harbuz prize
  2. send a curriculum vitae with contact details of two referees, at least one of whom should be a member of the Society, to the meeting organisers (contact details will be advertised before each meeting)
  3. in addition send a covering letter, date of PhD completion, two full reference letters from your referees and a list of publications.
2019 Giuseppe D'Agostino
2018 Rosemary Brown (University of Otago, New Zealand)
2017 Florian Merkle (Cambridge University)
2016 Tyler Stevenson
2015 Bryn Owen (Imperial College London)
2014 Frederik Steyn (University of Queensland Australia)
2013 Mino Belle (Manchester)
2012 Jyothis George (Edinburgh)
2011 Alastair Garfield (Cambridge University)
2009 Alexander Tups (Marburg)
2008 Simon McAthur (London)
2007 Waljit Dhillo (London)