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The British Society for Neuroendocrinology


The British Society for Neuroendocrinology (BSN) is a scientific society that exists to promote research and learning into the interplay between the endocrine and nervous systems that control important body processes. The ultimate aim of this research is to provide therapies for neuroendocrine diseases and disorders and to advance methods for beneficially regulating normal neuroendocrine function in humans and animals.

The Vision of the BSN is to be a vibrant and active society covering neuroendocrinology in its widest definition. It aims to provide a focus for promoting the subject and for networking between members. It aims to support members at all stages of their career and provide educational opportunities for early career researchers, using face-to-face and online activities. Whilst remaining primarily a UK society, the BSN welcomes participation from around the world.

The membership of the BSN comprises academics and researchers from the UK, European and International scientific communities, encompassing all areas of neuroendocrinology. The Society is run by a Board of Trustees representing the membership together with the Editor-in-Chief of the Society's Journal, the Journal of Neuroendocrinology. The Board of Trustees makes recommendations regarding strategy, funding vehicles, future meetings etc. to the Annual General Meeting of the Society, which is held at the annual scientific meeting. Sub-groups of committee members administer the different funding schemes that are available, and the Society's public engagement strategy.

The origins of the Society date back to 1985, and it has published the international 'Journal of Neuroendocrinology' for over 20 years. The BSN has always been operated as a charity and is registered with the Charity commission as a charitable incorporated organisation (number 1163115). Annual meetings are held either stand alone or jointly with European or UK societies with similar interests. The BSN has a number of grant schemes available to its membership to support neuroendocrine research by scientists at different phases of their careers, researcher mobility and skills training, international and UK travel, as well as support for symposia, scientific meetings and public engagement events.

Meet the Committee

as of July 2019

Picture of Prof Dave Grattan

Prof Dave Grattan


Overseas Representative

Picture of Dr Kate Ellacot

Dr Kate Ellacot


Committee Member

Picture of Prof Mike Ludwig

Prof Mike Ludwig


Treasurer and Briefings Editor

Picture of Dr Rebecca Dumbell

Dr Rebecca Dumbell


Early Career Researcher Representative

Picture of Dr Michelle Bellingham

Dr Michelle Bellingham


Grants Panel Co-ordinator

Picture of Dr Preeti Jethwa

Dr Preeti Jethwa


Meetings Secretary

Picture of Dr Maria Canal

Dr Maria Canal


Membership Secretary

Picture of Dr Amy Warner

Dr Amy Warner


Communications Secretary

Picture of Dr Gisela Helfer

Dr Gisela Helfer


Committee Member

Picture of Dr Jonathan Johnston

Dr Jonathan Johnston


Committee Member

Picture of Prof Julian Mercer

Prof Julian Mercer


Journal Editor-in-Chief

Picture of Prof Kevin O'Byrne

Prof Kevin O'Byrne


Committee Member

Picture of Dr Anne-Marie O'Carroll

Dr Anne-Marie O'Carroll


Committee Member

Picture of Prof Waljit Dhillo

Prof Waljit Dhillo


Clinical Liaison

Picture of Dr Ashleigh Wilcox

Dr Ashleigh Wilcox


Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative

Picture of Dr Giles Yeo

Dr Giles Yeo



Picture of Prof Neil Evans

Prof Neil Evans


Committee Secretary

Picture of Prof Helen Christian

Prof Helen Christian


Journals Secretary