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Simple tips for making the most of your first conference

Simple tips for making the most of your first conference

We asked the BSN community on Twitter (or ‘X’ if you’re that way inclined) for any advice they would give someone attending a BSN conference for the first time. Here’s what they shared:

Advice for giving poster presentations

If someone is at your poster:

  1. smile & ask them if they would like you to walk them through it;
  2. first ask "what's your background?" - then you will know how to pitch your description;
  3. have short poster pitches prepared one for experts & one generalists;
  4. Enjoy

Advice for ‘networking’

Make friends - that's what "networking" is, but it sounds less scary. If you're nervous you won't be the only one and people are usually relieved if you talk to them first!

“Some of my best #BSNfriends were met at conferences”- Rebecca Dumbell

Advice for asking questions

Don’t be worried about asking what you think might be a “stupid” question… Chances are others are wondering the same thing! The BSN is such a friendly crowd, you are bound to meet some new collaborators and even friends.


Get ready to have a great time – the BSN community is an amazing crowd!


Thanks Kate Ellacott, Sebastien Bouret, Rebecca Dumbell and Laura Dearden for your words of advice.

Read the thread: https://twitter.com/bsneuroendo/status/1668971010740174848