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Become our next Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative

Become our next Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative

It’s that time of year again, and our society is looking to recruit the next Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative to join the BSN Committee.

About the Deputy Early Career Researcher Representative post

This is a two-year appointment, and in the second year the deputy becomes the full representative and a trustee for the BSN. Having a seat on the committee you will be in a fantastic position to learn from more senior members, to gain an understanding of all the work that goes into running the BSN and, most importantly, to represent your fellow ECRs and shape our society’s interaction with its junior members. This year there is added excitement to the position as the appointee will get to play an active role in the organisation of ECR provision at ICN 2022, which will be held in Glasgow next summer.

As part of this role you will be expected to attend quarterly BSN board meetings at various locations in the UK and work closely with the new ECR representative - Dr Dave Lyons. In collaboration with Dave you will work to establish and evolve processes that support the early career members of our society. Recent initiatives include our summer webinar series and the ECR mentoring program, both of which have had great uptake and been well received. In your second year in the role, you will replace Dave as the full ECR representative and will be joined by a new deputy with which to continue your collaborative efforts.

This is a highly rewarding and exciting opportunity for an engaging and enthusiastic ECR, and we welcome applications from early career researchers at all levels (For the purposes of this appointment ECR refers to individuals up to postdoc level or equivalent i.e. non-tenured). Since this is a two-year appointment and requires significant input, we require you to have discussed this application with your line manager/supervisor.

How to apply

To apply, please email Dave (dave.lyons@bristol.ac.uk) or Ashleigh (ashleighgwilcox@outlook.com) a short manifesto (< 300 words) introducing yourself and what you would bring to the role. We particularly welcome applicants from under-representated racial, gender and socieoconomic groups.

Deadline: 5 pm BST on Friday 28 May 2021

An ECR member election process will follow. In order to avoid conscious and unconscious bias, when writing your manifesto please omit any overt identifying details (such as your name and institute) from the text. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to email Dave or Ashleigh.