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Words of wisdom from 3 BSN mentors

Words of wisdom from 3 BSN mentors

The last 18 months have been incredibly tough for everyone, not least our Early Career Researchers as labs closed and funding became precarious.

Earlier this year Dr Ashleigh Wilcox, BSN's outgoing ECR Representative, interviewed three of our eminent BSN Mentors to see what advice they had for up-and-coming neuroendocrinologists and to share how a good mentoring relationship can help. Find out what Professor Neil Evans, Professor Helen Christian and Dr Chi Udeh-Momoh had to say on:

  • Three challenges they faced as ECRs in their career
  • Their mentors
  • Challenges ECRs are currently facing
  • Advice to current ECRs 
  • Leaving academia


Quotes we love

"Don't take rejection personally" - Professor Helen Christian

"Join peer mentoring circles" - Dr Chi Udeh-Momoh

"Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do" - Professor Neil Evans

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