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EVENT: UK Clock Club and Seasonality Symposium

EVENT: UK Clock Club and Seasonality Symposium

Two upcoming scientific events taking place at the University of Aberdeen this January, exploring the fields of chronobiology and seasonality.

UK Clock Club
10th January 2019
Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX
The annual UK Clock Club conference hosted by the Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen. Presentations will cover the latest advances in the field of chronobiology.

Annual Symposium on Seasonality
11th January 2019
King’s College Auditorium, Kings College, University of Aberdeen, 69 University Rd, Aberdeen, AB24 3UB
The Annual Symposium on Seasonality is a one-day event. The primary focus will be on the mechanisms and functional role of seasonal plasticity in vertebrate neuroendocrine function. Additional sessions will include topics within the broader context of seasonality, for example computational modelling, ecology and invertebrate species. The symposium is tentatively scheduled to consist of 3 sessions: 1) The neuroendocrine basis of seasonality, 2) Ecological diversity in seasonal biology and 3) Modeling seasonal biology. Each session will have a range of speakers (4-5). The speakers will predominantly include graduate, postgraduate or early career researchers. The plenary speaker for 2019 is Professor Gerald Lincoln FRSE.

Enquiries should be directed to the event organisers Tyler Stevenson or Alex Johnstone.