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BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience - support for BSN members

15 Nov 2018

The 2019 BSN Annual Meeting is being held as part of the BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience. We are offering BSN members support to attend.

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UK Clock Club and Annual Symposium on Seasonality

2 Nov 2018

10th-11th Jan 2019: UK Clock Club and Annual Symposium on Seasonality in Aberdeen.

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The Heart of the Brain

13 Aug 2018

One of our founding members, Gareth Leng has just published a book entitled "The Heart of the Brain: The Hypothalamus and Its Hormones".

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Neuroendocrinologists recognised in honours list

26 Jun 2018

Congratulations to Prof. Julia Buckingham and Prof. Iain Clarke for their inclusion in the Queen's birthday honours list.

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Changes in neurosteroidogenesis during demyelination and remyelination in cuprizone treated mice


Differential effects of chronic 17??estradiol treatment on rat behaviours relevant to depression


From organotypic culture to body?on?a?chip: A neuroendocrine perspective


High?fat diet and type 2 diabetes induced disruption of the oestrous cycle and alteration of hormonal profiles, but did not affect subpopulations of KNDy neurons in female rats


Central apelin administration and restraint stress induce hypothalamic cholecystokinin release via the APJ receptor


Gene expression profiling in human corticotroph tumours reveals distinct, neuroendocrine profiles


Effect of 17??oestradiol on T?type calcium channels in the lateral habenula


Modulation of synaptic inputs in magnocellular neurones in a rat model of cancer cachexia