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Topical Briefings

Topical Briefings

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Is love possible without Kiss1-es?

Rafael Pineda Reyes 2015 Download

The hypothalamic kisspeptins and their receptors are potent regulators of the gonadotropic axis through the control of GnRH neuronal activity. But there is another population of kisspeptin neurons in the amygdala, a brain area that integrates odour, visual and auditory information, and which has a key role in social behaviours.

Obesity prevention: Moving beyond the food addiction debate

Johannes Hebebrand 2015 Download

Looking Inside the Seasonal Clock

Gerald Lincoln and Andrew Loudon 2014 Download

The Mother Load of Lactation

Barbara Woodside 2014 Download

Recovery from anorexia nervosa by machine

Per Södersten & Cecilia Bergh 2014 Download

Navigating pituitary structure and function - defining a roadmap for hormone secretion

David J. Hodson and Patrice Mollard 2013 Download

How our gut microbes influence our behaviour

Professor Harry Flint 2013 Download

Nurture: Effects of Intrauterine Position on Behaviour

Mitsuhiro Kawata 2012 Download

Hypoglycaemia: Exercise for the Brain?

Craig Beall, Mike Ashford and Rory McCrimmon 2012 Download

My brain made me do it, and my gut didn't help

John Menzies 2012 Download

Apelin and Vasopressin: two work better than one

Catherine Llorens-Cortes and Francoise Moos 2012 Download

The Neurohypophysis – Fishing for New Insights

Amos Gutnick and Gil Levkowitz 2012 Download

Keeping Birds of a Feather Together

James L. Goodson 2011 Download

FTO and Obesity: a problem for a billion people

Giles S.H. Yeo 2011 Download

A neuro-endocrine-immune symphony

Quentin J Pittman 2011 Download

A mother's brain knows

Dave Grattan 2011 Download

Are neuropeptides brain hormones?

Mike Ludwig 2010 Download

Epigenetics: a lasting impression?

Simon Biddie and Stafford Lightman 2010 Download

Preterm labour: Tsunami waves?

Alison Douglas 2009 Download

Leptin - back and forward

Julian Mercer 2009 Download

Nurturing Nature: social experiences and the brain

Frances A. Champagne 2009 Download

Sex hormones and human destiny

Melissa Hines 2008 Download

Endocannabinoids and the neurochemistry of gluttony

Tim Kirkham 2008 Download

Neurogenesis and depression: breakthrough or blind alley?

Joe Herbert 2007 Download

Stem cells, hormones and pituitary adenomas

Andy Levy 2007 Download

Is reproductive ageing controlled by the brain?

Andrea C. Gore 2007 Download

Fetal Experience: Lifelong Consequences

Stephen G Matthews 2006 Download

The metabolic syndrome: a brain disease?

Ruud Buijs and Felix Kreier 2006 Download

Anabolic Steroids: A fatal attraction?

Ruth I Wood 2006 Download

Kisspeptin and its receptor: new gatekeepers of puberty

Sophie Messager 2005 Download

Melatonin in humans - its about time

Jo Arendt 2005 Download

The Neurobiology of Social Bonds

Keith Kendrick 2004 Download

Environmental estrogens: foe or friend?

Richard Sharpe 2004 Download

Seeing the light... in a new way

Russell Foster 2003 Download

Depression, stress and the adrenal axis

Carmine Pariante 2003 Download

Puberty: mind and body

Fran Ebling 2003 Download

Pituitary tumour therapy: using the biology

Julian Davis & Peter Trainer 2002 Download

Genomic imprinting, hormones and behaviour

Anthony Isles and Lawrence Wilkinson 2002 Download

Ghrelin: A newly discovered hormone

Suzanne Dickson 2002 Download

Is there such a thing as a healthy appetite?

Simon Luckman 2001 Download

Early life stress can programme our health

Megan Holmes 2001 Download

The maternal brain

John Russell 1999 Download

Pheromones and reproduction

Barry Keverne 1999 Download

Biological timekeeping

Hugh Piggins 1999 Download

The cause of Cushing's Disease

Ashley Grossman 1999 Download

Glucocorticoids, ageing and nerve cell damage

Jonathan Seckl 1999 Download

Sex differences in the brain

David Spratt 1999 Download

Sex hormones, mood, mental state and memory

George Fink 1999 Download

Stress hormones and your brain

Michael Harbuz 1999 Download

Growth hormone rhythms from the brain

Gareth Leng 1998 Download

Leptin: Your brain, appetite and obesity

David Sunter, Donal O'Shea & Stephen R Bloom 1998 Download

Brain development, fertility and Kallman's syndome

Jane Robinson 1998 Download

Environmental estrogens: A hazard to human reproductive health?

Nigel Brooks 1998 Download