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Group leader, University of Strasbourg, France

I am a CNRS director of research at (DR1 CNRS since 2012), head of the team "Neuroendocrine rhythms in reproduction" at the Institute of cellular and integrative neurosciences in Strasbourg, France. I have a broad background in the field of the neuroscience and physiology of biological rhythms. Currently my work is focusing on the circadian and seasonal control of reproduction. I am analyzing the mechanisms through with the daily (SCN neuroendocrine outputs) and seasonal (melatonin, circannual clock) time cues synchronize the reproductive cycles. In the last few years my team has reported that hypothalamic neuropeptides of the RF-amide family (kisspeptin and RFRP-3) are pivotal relays between time cues and GnRH neuron activity. In addition, we have reported that tanycytes of mediobasal hypothalamus/median eminence area are a critical interface between melatonin action on the pars tuberalis cells and long term (seasonal, circannual, maternal programming) effect of the local thyroid control within the hypothalamus.

I have a broad interest in the neuronal control of biological rhythms. Currently, I am analyzing the mechanisms by which the daily and seasonal time cues synchronize physiological functions, notably reproduction. In the last 10 years, I have published 36 original articles (including Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2017; Current Biology 2014; FASEB J 2013; out of a total of 105; h-index: 34) and 24 reviews (of which a chapter in the 2014 Knobil & Neill’s Handbook of Physiology of Reproduction; out of a total of 45), I gave 42 invited conferences (including 4 plenary lectures; out of a total of 70) and have/am (co)supervising 14 PhD students (of which 9 with an international co-supervision, and 1 CIFRE with induistry; out of a total of 24). Besides my research activity, I am the director of the Neuropôle de Strasbourg, I have been the president (2016-18) of the Society of NeuroEndocrinology and now member of the council of the Société des Neurosciences and of the Société de Chronobiologie. Finally, I have coordinated the 2018 international meeting of neuroendocrinology, and the 2006 national meeting of chronobiology.

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