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Deputy ESR vote

Deputy ESR vote

It is time to elect the new Deputy ESR representative for the British Society for Neuroendocrinology.

This role is for two years. The first year the deputy representative will be working closely with the ECR representative (Jo Lewis) on initiatives (including those at our joint annual meeting with the BNA in Dublin in 2019) and expected to attend the executive board meetings of the BSN (four per year at various locations).

In the second year, they will become the representative and implement their programme, as well as planning the ECR day prior to the annual BSN meeting (with your new, talented, elected deputy!), and voting at the aforementioned board meetings. This role involves significant input by the incoming individual and this year we have three candidates. Please read their statement prior to casting your vote via the link below.

This year we have 3 candidates:

Dr. Inês Mollet

Dr. Rebecca Dumbell

Dr. Farhat Batool

The profiles of each candidate and the means to vote are at

For the vote you will need your BSN membership number and you can only vote once. Voting will close on the 15th of July and results will be announced at ICN meeting at the general assembly of the BSN.