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Professor Alison J. Douglas charity fund

Professor Alison J. Douglas

1961 - 2012

Professor Alison Jane Douglas, a leading member of the Neuroendocrinology Group in Edinburgh, died of breast cancer on the 9th May, 2012, at the age of 50.  

The Neuroendocrinology Group here in Edinburgh cherished her as a colleague.  Alison was always cheerful, positive, caring and supportive, attributes sometimes hard to find in the academic environment. Alison loved neuroendocrinology and had a passion for teaching the subject.  She shared her enthusiasm with the many undergraduate and graduate students she taught and mentored during her career. Alison was always keen to promote and support younger scientists, particularly women, at early stages of their careers.  

To help sustain Alison’s enthusiasm for supporting young PhD students and researchers we created the Professor Alison J. Douglas charity fund. The fund will be used to support early-stage researchers (PhD students, post doctoral fellows) and awards will be made in form of

·         Poster or presentation prizes
·         Travel support to attend national or international conferences
·         Organisation and support of an “Alison Douglas Neuroendocrinology Summer School”

If you would like to make a donation, the links for the fund can be the found at: 

Single Donation:

Regular Donation:

Mike Ludwig & Gareth Leng

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