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The membership of the BSN comprises academics and researchers from the UK, European and International scientific communities, encompassing all areas of neuroendocrinology. The Society is run by a Steering Committee of UK neuroendocrinologists together with the Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s Journal, the Journal of Neuroendocrinology. This committee makes recommendations regarding strategy, funding vehicles, future meetings etc to the Annual General Meeting of the Society which is held at the annual scientific meeting.  Sub-groups of committee members administer the different funding schemes that are available, and the Society’s public engagement strategy.

BSN Committee

Meet the committee as of September 2016.

Unfortunately the Society and its committee members are not in a position to offer personal advice or to comment on specific medical issues or suggest medical professionals who might be qualified to comment.

Dr Giles Yeo, Cambridge
Committee Secretary Prof Neil Evans, Glasgow
Treasurer Prof Mike Ludwig, Edinburgh
Membership Secretary Dr Maria Canal, Manchester
Journal Editor-in-Chief Prof Julian Mercer, Aberdeen
Journal Secretary Prof John Morris, Oxford
Committee Member
Dr Jonathan Johnston, Surrey
Grants Panel Co-ordinator Dr Michelle Bellingham, Glasgow
Committee Member Prof Kevin O'Byrne, London 
Committee Member
Prof Helen Christian, Oxford
Committee Member
Prof Megan Holmes, Edinburgh 
Clinical Liaison
Prof Waljit Dhillo, London 
Overseas Representative Prof Dave Grattan, Otago
Meetings Secretary
Dr Preeti Jethwa, Nottingham
Communications Secretary  Dr Amy Warner, Cambridge
Committee Member Dr Gisela Helfer, Aberdeen
Committee Member  Dr Kate Ellacott, Exeter
Committee Member Dr Anne-Marie O'Carroll, Bristol
ESR Member Dr Georgina Hazell, Bristol
Deputy ESR Member Dr Matei Bolborea


Grants Panel

  • Dr Michelle Bellingham (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof Neil Evans
  • Dr Jon Johnston
  • Dr Giles Yeo

Outreach Panel

  • Prof Julian Mercer (Secretary)
  • Dr Jon Johnston
  • Dr Giles Yeo
  • Dr Maria Canal

BSN Honorary members

Honorary membership is awarded to distinguished scientists who have made a significant contribution to the area of Neuroendocrinology, and have a strong connection with the Society.

  • Jo Arendt
  • Bridget Baker
  • Richard Balment
  • John Bicknell
  • Julia Buckingham
  • Harry Charlton
  • Richard Dyer
  • Richard Dyball
  • George Fink
  • Brian Follett
  • Mary Forsling
  • Joe Herbert
  • David Jessop
  • Gareth Leng
  • Stafford Lightman
  • Gerald Lincoln
  • Phil Lowry
  • John Morris
  • Brian Pickering
  • Peter Sharp
  • Iain Robinson
  • John Russell
  • Jon Wakerley

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